The 6-speed SMG was introduced in the production year 2002 for the E46 model series and superseeded hereby its 5-speed predecessor. Just a short time later the system was also offered for the Z4 E85, 6-series E63 and 5-series E60. At the E60 model series the used parts varied slightly depending on the engine size. The stronger engines (4,5 and 5 liter) were fitted for example with a fortified clutch actuator as it was used also in the E63-series.
Also the 6-speed SMG offers a automatic as well as a sport mode.
Technically the SMG is based on the respective manual transmission of each series – in case of the 3-series E46 for example on the Getrag GS6-37BZ. The hydraulic components are a construction of the ZF Sachs AG, however some parts were kept from the 5-speed SMG.