Core charge (to be refunded after return of used part)
Core charge (to be refunded after return of used part)

The core charge is mandatory for certain products. If you add an appropriately marked product to the shopping cart, the shop system will automatically add the deposit amount.

How to get a refund of the deposit?
You have to return the old part to us within one month (counting from the day when our part arrives at your place until the day when you ship it back / hand it over to the courier). If you return the part later than one month, but within 6 months, we will refund 70% of the deposit amount (30% deduction). After 6 months we can no longer refund the deposit amount for legal reasons. The return shipment is your responsibility, the costs are to be covered by you.

Why is the deposit amount so high?
We offer the deposit option completely free of charge and we do not earn anything on the deposit amount. On the contrary: even after the refund we have to pay the fees of the payment service provider. We would be happy to set a lower amount as a deposit, but in the past it has happened time and again that customers have not returned their old parts to us. We urgently need the parts back in order to repair them and offer them to new customers.


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