Hydraulic Unit Pump Motor BMW E46 M3 SMG II


The pump supplies the hydraulic pressure for the different consumers (actuators) of the SMG and stores it in the pressure accumulator. The pump consists of a gear pump and the powering electric motor. Due to its location in a high temperature area, the motor suffers often from damage and is a common problem. Especially on hot days the car can drop out of gear or show the gearbox warning light (SMG cog light). Often the following codes appear in the error memory:

  • 56 (0x38) Switching-on time of hydraulic unit
  • 53 (0x35) low level of pressure reached HE
  • 57 (0x39) Misuse of hydraulic unit
  • 55 (0x37) Switching-on frequency of hydraulic unit

No worry – here is a solution for these problems!

We provide a new motor for the pump as a solution for various problems with the BMW M3 SMG II. The motor meets highest expectations of quality and enables a sporty style of driving with frequent shifting. Of course, the motor comes with a 12 month warranty.

The old motor can be replaced by the new one “plug&play“. The replacement motor is already equipped with the required pins and can be directly connected to the original wiring harness. For removing the old motor, you may need a release tool.
  • Compatible vehicles: BMW E46 M3
  • Reference numbers: BMW 21532229715, 21532282257
  • Condition: New

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